My work is about  Mindset. Quieting down the crappy thoughts and amping up the awesome ones. I do this by helping you rewrite the rules in your head. The rules that you created, for probably some good reason a while back, but that no longer help you.

These rules and regs make up your Mindset.

How you do things, what you believe, how you feel about things.

Those are all linked in to how your mind is set. Get it?

And mindset pretty much runs the ship.  It’s the thoughts you choose to believe. Sometimes they work for you. But sometimes they work against you.




A Shot of Jo is a  great entrance to start shifting Mindset. A quick way to get your stuck thoughts clearer. Like this.

“If your questionnaire had said, “Do you imagine things will completely turn around and the world will begin to spin again soon?” on it, I would have answered that I’m not holding my breath. Now, I can’t help but laugh at how much has shifted.  All it took was a baby shift off the path I was on and my distance from the old path has grown exponentially each day.”

~ Skye Kooyman   Teen Pulse

Want to experience how this

sounds (& feels) in Real Time?

Click here. Listen In On  A Shot of Jo


So here are some examples of Mindsets at work.

Mindsets that work for you would be:

  • I’ve a good head for numbers.
  • I’m a pretty good dancer.
  • I can make friends easily.
  • I’m easy going.

Mindset working against you would be:

  • Yep. I’ve hit my limit on what I can become.
  • Some people are just lucky, but not me.
  • I’m just not good at computers.
  • It’s too hard for me to exercise, because I’m not coordinated.

So yes, Mindset can be a good thing if it’s serving you well.

But when Mindset thinking takes a turn it can slow you down or grind you to a halt in how you want your life to pan out.

I’ve never met anyone that didn’t have these thoughts at some time or another. Including me.

But ya know, it doesn’t have to be like this.  You have more control over this than you give yourself credit. A lot of times it’s not even the circumstances stopping you, but the thoughts that you have *about * the circumstances.

And who decides to believe these icky stop-me-from-being-happy mindsets?


Together we can find the piece of you that needs moving and help open you up to live a better life.

Can it be that simple?

Uh yeah. Because here’s the thing . . . when you shift your thoughts, you allow yourself to see new options and fresh opportunities.

I remember someone, who was really struggling with the mess in her world, saying to me: “You know, Jo. I know you’re all in to that Self Help Stuff. But that’s just not for me.”

But the Truth of it is, Self-Help is the only Help that works. Until you want to change, change in all it’s different forms will pass you by.

But you can do this. And it doesn’t have to hurt. It can feel liberating and empowering and down right tingly.

And when you do, your Life will change. Yes it will.







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